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Alum and Ink

Sky Farer Cloudy Narwhal Enamel Pin

Sky Farer Cloudy Narwhal Enamel Pin

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This is a companion pin for to the Starry Narwhal pin. The name of this pin is "Sky Farer" and is dedicated to the amazing narwhal, also known as the narwhale or unicorn whale that dwells in the Arctic seas. This pin features a starry sky near the top of the narwhal's body with a flowing cloud design near the bottom.

This hard enamel pin is set on a highly-polished gold-plated metal. This cloudy narwhal pin is a 38mm piece set on a gold-plated metal set with medium and light blues with gold starry accents along its body.

This pin features two posts on the back for added stability due to the size, weight and balance of the artwork.

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