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Dominant Industry

Conjurer's Recipes Watercolour

Conjurer's Recipes Watercolour

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A shimmery watercolour palette of 4 colours are inspired by a fantasy theme created for Dohwa Stationery line from Dominant Industry. These palettes can be diluted to your desired consistency for calligraphy or art.

The colours in this collection are developed for best contrast on a black or dark base and will now show up vibrant on white paper but can be mixed with page colours to achieve different effects.

Fairy Wings - a gold and purple duo shimmer with white base

Elf’s Verdure - gold, green and blue multicoloured shimmer with white base

Griffin’s Feather - a pink base which changes colour from the shimmer depending if using on white or black paper. On white, the colour will appear purple in the light while on black, it will appear blue.

Mermaid Scales - with a sea blue base and colour shifting shimmer from gold and green with a hint of purple at angles on white paper, this colour will appear blue, green and gold on black paper and still have hints of purple at certain angles.

Made in Korea. 

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