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Sailor Shikiori Sansui Professional Gear Slim - Kamoshika

Sailor Shikiori Sansui Professional Gear Slim - Kamoshika

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Sansui fountain pen collection from the Shikiori series by Sailor. Shikiori series of fountain pens and inks are based the theme of the “Four Seasons of Japan” which is embodied in the Japanese sense of beauty.

The Sansui collection is inspired by the beauty of the great vitality flora and fauna possess, living tenaciously in the wild.

Kamoshika is designed with the Japanese goat-antelope in mind. The quiet philosopher of the forest, the Serow stands gracefully with poise, braving the snowscape with its winter fur.

The Sailor ProGear Slim fountain pen has a tapered, cigar-shape profile with flat ends.

Nib is 14k gold and only available in Medium-Fine <MF> size.

Comes boxed with two sailor cartridges. 

Total length 124mm

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