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Mirror of the Sky Limited Edition UV Reactive Ink Kit

Mirror of the Sky Limited Edition UV Reactive Ink Kit

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Inspired by the Mirror of the Sky created by the largest salt lake in the world, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, when you use this ink it will change from a light gray to a bluish colour with the use of the white light UV flashlight included in this special limited edition ink kit produced only 400 sets worldwide.

Mirror of the sky is a luminous light grey ink with blue shimmer which can be used in two ways. Without shaking the bottle, the ink will appear as a light grey but if you use it while shaken with the shimmer it will appear to be a blue. If the base colour is too light and you wish to create a stronger blue you can mix the blue ink included in the box set.

No limited edition collectors box set is complete without very special packaging. Inspired by Tuz Gölü Sky Mirror in Turkey, Journalize has printed a layer of anti-counterfeiting invisible ink at the sunset position on the box which has no text until you illuminate it UV light. Together with the circular cut-out of the outer envelope, it will feel like you are peeking into the sunset scenery of the sky mirror.

The ink set includes:

  • MIRROR OF THE SKY luminous glitter ink
  • Blue ink 
  • Spare empty bottle
  • Mini Pipettes 
  • White light UV flashlight (battery not included)
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