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MD Paper Pad Cotton A5 - Blank

MD Paper Pad Cotton A5 - Blank

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Write down ideas with ease on the original double-edge binding and thick mount of the MD Paper Pad. Its sturdy design, featuring pages glued along both vertical and horizontal edges, allows for easy note-taking while standing. The innovative design also allows for freedom of orientation while writing, with the pad's corner cut for better page-turning grip.

The pad can be used not only in the traditional upright format but also just as easily on its side, providing more options for writing.

Midori has persistently delved into the distinctive characteristics of MD PAPER since the 1960’s, continuously perfecting the writing experience that elevates the worth of putting pen to paper.

The Cotton MD Paper is a specialty paper designed to have feedback / textured tactile experience when writing or drawing and is made to show off unique fountain pen ink properties such shading and sheen. If you prefer a smooth paper, we would recommend the classic MD paper.

A5 - 90 sheets 

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