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FerriTales | The Beauty and the Beast - Emerald Gardens Ink

FerriTales | The Beauty and the Beast - Emerald Gardens Ink

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Join our heroine Patch as she embarks on another captivating adventure, delving deep into the heart of a dense verdant wood to unravel the mystery of her missing father. At the end of her journey lies a towering château, pulsating with the allure of a witch’s enchantment. Let your imagination soar as you accompany Patch on this spellbinding journey through the unknown, letting the rich green tapestry of the forest inspire your next brilliant idea.

Ink Tone: Leaf Green with Duochrome green/gold shimmer

Characteristics: Bright, glimmering, enchanted, hopeful

FerriTales™ 2024 Collection

Open the gilded cover of your favourite fairy book and dive deep into the FerriTales Collection. Re-imaging the tallest tales told through time, we inspire a new generation of writers and creatives with our most luxurious collection of fine fountain pen inks.

Captured in our classic 85ml glass globe featuring our signature brass cap, this high quality, richly saturated pen ink is our most cherished collection yet. Explore a world of premium, dazzling shimmers, enchanting tonal combinations, and captivating sheens to add to your treasured chest of stationery.


Once Upon a Design

Notable design details:

Two seasons are represented through illustration, representing the change that happens through love in the story.

Beautiful columns covered in roses represent the first view of the impressive château, hinting at what Patch will find within.

Follow along the beginning of the journey as Patch’s father stumbles towards the castle on his journey, a safe haven from the elements while also possibly providing souvenirs free for the taking.

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