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Ferris Wheel Press

Blue Beryl Tonic

Blue Beryl Tonic

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Characteristics: High-shading, mysterious   With over one year in development, Ferris Wheel Press has ventured beyond reality to bring to life a wondrous line of fountain pen inks that stretch past the limits of imagination. Dive into Wonderland and conjure your creativity while we help the world Fall in Love with Writing Again. Springing to life from the very pages of your most beloved storybooks, BEHOLD, the all new FerriTales™ collection of the finest fountain pen inks. Captured in the brand new 20ml miniature glass globes, this collection of high quality, richly saturated fountain pen ink features a combination of enchanting shades, premium dazzling shimmers, and captivating sheens that will surely play tricks on your eyes. Presented with all new hand-illustrated scenes from classic moments in Alice in Wonderland, we've reimagined every moment with twists and turns from the Ferris Wheel Press universe. Lose yourself in every detail of Alice’s adventures with her quirky friends, and perhaps you will find yourself mirrored in the story. Explore the topsy-turvy world of Wonderland and fill your pen with the opulence of the all new FerriTales™ Collection.   Once Upon a Design Take a peek at what this mysterious apothecary has to offer! Sift through the well-stocked shelves to find tomes of old amongst elixirs in bottles of every size and shape. Some brews beckon you to drink until you're blue, yet others claim to shrink you. Love potions simmer in heart-shaped decanters, and vials of fascinations sit awaiting use. Delve deeper and you may find strange contraptions that smoke and hiss, or maybe even a hat forgotten by an infamous Hatter… Notable design details:
  • This apothecary cabinet holds all the magic of Wonderland! Who brews all the potions and reads all these tomes?
  • Ancient texts and brittle books stuffed with arcane knowledge line the shelves.
  • Scales to measure ingredients are surely the perfect bed for a dormouse.
  • Mysterious plants grow in jars, love potions simmer slowly in heart-shaped bottles, and decanters of all shapes and sizes holds elixirs for all uses—from turning you blue, or shrinking after drinking.
  • Strange contraptions, forgotten items and everything in between find their way to this mysterious apothecary’s shelves to sate your curiosity.
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