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Sailor Mini Converter

Sailor Mini Converter

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Sailor ink converter to fit Professional Gear Slim Mini (PGS Mini)  model fountain pen.

For use instead of cartridges to allow you easily to fill your pen with any colour you like!

Directions for Use

Method 1 

  • Place converter securely into fountain pen
  • Turn black handle of converter counter clockwise so plungers goes down
  • Dip your pen nib into ink bottle or sample and slowly turn handle clockwise to draw up ink
  • Remove nib from ink and wipe residual ink off nib
  • With nib end up, turn handle counterclockwise to remove air and repeat if required

Method 2

  • Fill ink into converter via syringe or eyedropper
  • Place the converter securely into fountain pen
  • Give it a minute or so to let the ink flow down to the nib and you’re good to go! 

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