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Ferris Wheel Press

Celestial Soiree

Celestial Soiree

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From seasoned calligraphers to aspiring artists, create your own heartwarming wedding invitations, menus for a baby shower, thank you cards to bridesmaids, personalised envelopes with a handwritten touch, and beyond. Create confidently knowing your calligraphy will stand the test of time, and the postal system. Crafted with the finest pigments and carefully formulated for a consistent and reliable writing experience, our newest line of calligraphy inks offer an exceptional level of quality suited for all professional applications. Professional calligraphy ink made for life’s most memorable celebrations. Step into a celestial realm with this brilliant navy blue, a reflection of moonlit strolls through a chateau's enchanted gardens. Evoking the magic of a starlit night, this ink transforms your writing into a symphony of constellations. Each stroke captures the essence of midnight garden soirées, infusing your creations with the romance of whispered wishes and moonbeam dreams. Finesse your invitations and paper stationery with this beautiful tone and celebrate life's luminous moments in every stroke. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS:
  • NOT FOR USE in fountain pens, rollerball pens, with feeder systems. Use with dip pens, brushes, washable instruments only.
  • Shake well before use. If ink has been left still for a prolonged period of time, stir ink to reincorporate pigments that have separated. Please note, separation is normal for calligraphy inks.
  • To clean, use isopropyl alcohol to dissolve dried ink. If dried ink persists, leave to soak in alcohol briefly and wipe clean.
  • Avoid getting ink on fabrics, ink will penetrate fibres and cannot be removed.
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