*TABINOSIZUKU* Glass Pen Release Announcement

*TABINOSIZUKU* Glass Pen Release Announcement

We are excited to announce the highly anticipated drop of our first handmade glass pen release by *TABINOSIZUKU*. These pens will be available for purchase on our website from Friday 1st March 2024 at 8am AEST.

These pens have been specially made by glass artist Mai Sakurai who we will talk about a little further down. This release will include two designs (Cosmic Feather and Aurora) with 4 colour ways in each design.


Cosmic Feather

The Cosmic Feather glass pen is a manifestation of a magical writing instrument to bring joy to writer and beholder. It will be available in Sakura, Purple, Indigo and Black. Each glass pen is approximately 16cm with a 0.5mm fine nib and will cost $169.



Aurora Collection 

The Aurora glass pen collection captures the colourful nature the four seasons of Japan in mind. Harunodoka representing Spring, Aoarashi for Summer, Akiurara for Autumn and Itehari for Winter. Each name is chosen for the seasonal terms used in Japanese poetry (haikai, renga and haiku) and created to envision travelling through the nature rich scenery in Japan. Each glass pen is approximately 16cm with a 0.5mm fine nib and will cost $179.


A bit about *TABINOSIZUKU*

*TABINOSIZUKU* / Journey Drops glass pens are handmade by Mai Sakurai, glass artist based in Fukui, Japan. Growing up in a very rural area surrounded by mountains and rivers, Sakurai's hometown is rich in nature with verdant mountains full of life in summer and heavy snowfall in winter. She describes the air being so clean you can see the stars clearly. Sakurai's glass work is heavily influenced by her a love of the natural wonders of gentle falling snow, ice, rushing rivers starry skies and beautiful sparkling sunsets.

What does the asterisk (*) in your brand name represent?

Its a bit of a long story but the symbol represents a lot of things that are important to me personally. Other than the connection with snow and sparkling things, the asterisk symbolises my design concept of creating work that will make those looking or using them will evoke a sense of excitement and being able to cherish that feeling even as an adult.

As a side note, fortune teller once told me if I put a star before and after my (brand) name my luck would improve so I thought the asterisk may be a suitable replacement.