FWP Forget-Me-Not Bijou vs Glistening Glass Brush

FWP Forget-Me-Not Bijou vs Glistening Glass Brush

One of the latest pen releases from Ferris Wheel Press is the Forget-Me-Not Bijou fountain pen which is a lovely pastel blue with the first engraved body we have seen in their Bijou line which is the direct successor of their original Brush fountain pen.

The nib is available in Fine and Medium. Unlike the Brush which had brass accents including the nut and grip section and single tone enamel finish in satin or glossy, the Bijou has all the brass sections gold plated to prevent discolouration and a shimmery enamel finish they call sparkling Snowfall lacquer. The subtle finish is a little difficult to photograph but I think definitely gives it a refined look.

Last year there was the LE Glistening Glass Brush pen in a similar muted blue so I wanted to compare the two in this post for those who are thinking of picking this new pen up.

Ferris Wheel Press is known for their beautiful packaging and so deserves a mention in this review since I imagine a lot if not most of FWP fan base likes to admire and possibly display them as well.

I found it interesting that the box for Forget-Me-Not has gone back to their roots of more simple illustration reminiscent of their original Brush pen boxes. I think we can expect a redesigned release of the original discontinued line-up of the their best seller colours like Sandcastle Clay and Lady Rose in the future.

At first glance, the two pens definitely look similar in tone discounting the shimmer vs non-shimmer finish but the engraved dangling gems and sparkling jewels on the body of the Bijou is definitely eye catching.

The engraving on the grip section are noticeably different as well as the new two-toned nib vs the old gold plated simple logo version.

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This is actually so helpful!! I wish i waited for this Bijou Forget-Me-Not one now! But i couldn’t help myself with the Glistenning Glass!! Really needed to see these side by side! I love the star lines on the bijou!