Ferris Wheel Press Ink Swatches: Aurorealis, Knitted Nettle & Sherry Sonata

Ferris Wheel Press Ink Swatches: Aurorealis, Knitted Nettle & Sherry Sonata

The 2024 February launch of new Ferris Wheel Press product line-up includes the 2024 Limited edition ink and pen "Aurorealis" along with the "Knitted Nettle" for their Ferritales collection and "The Sherry Sonata" from their everyday ink collection.

I've swatched up these inks so you can have a better look at how these inks perform under natural lighting. Studio lighting is great for product photography, but it often can be difficult to tell how accurate the ink colour may be because your eyes usually have no proper background for your brain to process what you are seeing.

For those used to seeing my swatches on Instagram, Reddit or Pendemic discord group will be familiar with my swatching format but those new here I like to swatch small samples on a range of papers to show off how different the same ink can look just by changing up your paper selection.

Included on my Ferris Wheel press swatch card is 52gsm Tomoe River, Midori MD, Cosmo Air Light, Life Bank and Null Refill paper.


"Aurorealis" 2024 Limited Edition Collection

To sum up for those new to the brand, last year's limited edition "Fluttering Heart" ink with the introduction of the Aluminium Carousel fountain pen (previously only available with plastic body) and the Ink Carriage were extremely difficult to get a hold of in the initial release. 

This year, they have decided once again to release limited quantities in two rounds - 2nd February then at a yet to be determined date mid year. The mascot featured on the packaging for "Aurorealis" is their latest character "Cybearnice" which one can assume is the cyborg version of popular character "Bearnice" who is clearly, a bear.

Aurorealis Carousel pen is a pastel violet anodised aluminium body with damask engraving detail on the grip section. The matching ink is a deep violet with duochrome pink and gold shimmer.

Without further ado, let's get onto the main course and look at some swatches.




Their annual limited edition inks always comes with special design printed on their 38mL bottle which this time includes damask detailing with the quote "Embrace the future of fantasy and turn dreams into masterpieces"



You can preorder the Aurorealis Collection including 2ml ink sample today from our store which will ship from 2nd February.


 Ferritales - Knitted Nettle


Knitted Nettle is the second ink part of the Wild Swans collection. Like Radiant Rosewing which released in January, Knitted Nettle is available in both 20ml and 80ml bottles. In the past the 80ml bottle was only available for older inks from their Everyday Inks which was discontinued production about a year ago though. 

Knitted Nettle is a dark teal base colour with duochrome pink and gold shimmer and red sheen.


I’ve had a few people ask, does the new 80mL bottle come with the velvet pouch? Unfortunately the answer is no. It seems that they have discontinued the matching colour pouches in favour of offering a supersized version of their 20ml box packaging.


Everyday Ink - The Sherry Sonata

The Sherry Sonata is a berry toned magenta and comes in 38mL bottle. 

Did any of these three colours catch your eye?
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